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Established in 2020, HomelyPot is a food and beverage company specialising in bringing hotpot to consumers and hotpot fans for enjoyment at the comfort of their homes. We started out aiming to bring a convenient and fuss-free hotpot experience to individuals because we foreseen the problem of food wastage while having hotpot individually or in a small group. With increased popularity, we then venture to offer hotpot to the larger group sizes. Today, our key concept is on convenience, individuality, yet, not forgetting the amass, providing a fuss-free experience while not compromising on taste and quality, and being on-demand with delivery islandwide.

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a hotpot delivery service that brings us individual hotpots ─ the first of its kind in Singapore


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What’s definitely worth writing home about is HomelyPot’s A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye Slice

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Creamy, aromatic and robust, our Premium Singapore Laksa Soup is intensely rich with flavour. Using only the silkiest coconut milk, we are confident that this broth will capture your heart and stomach. This can be used to make a quick and heartwarming bowl of laksa, Yong Tau Foo, as well as in a steamboat base to spice things up a little.

Double boiled for 8 hours to perfection, our Premium Chicken Collagen Soup is thick, creamy and rich in flavour. While CHU Collagen is ideal for steamboat, it can also be used to cook up a scrumptious meal. From Japanese Ramen to Crab Bee Hoon, impressing your family and guests has never been easier.

Aromatic and umami-rich, our Premium Prawn Mee Soup has been fried, blended and simmered to perfection. Naturally sweet & savoury with a spicy "kick", this intensely delectable broth is not only suitable as a steamboat base, it can also be used to cook up a scrumptious meal. From a comforting bowl of Prawn Mee to Prawn Bisque, impressing your family and guests has never been easier.

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