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If you're looking for an amazing group hot pot experience that will leave your colleagues raving, then look no further! Our corporate hot pot order is perfect for all group sizes and comes with everything you need for a hassle-free meal.


Using the freshest ingredients along with our delicious savory soup base, it will definitely leave you wanting more.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy!

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Highly Recommended by Food King

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"A Pot Full of Fun"

Looking to add some spice to your next corporate event?


Consider a hot pot experience! Guests will enjoy cooking their own food in a personal pot of bubbling broth, and you can customize the hot pot ingredients to suit your group.

Hot pot is perfect for team building, as it encourages communication and collaboration. Plus, it's a delicious way to break the ice!



What’s definitely worth writing home about is HomelyPot’s A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye Slice



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HomelyPot send you everything!



a hotpot delivery service that brings us individual hotpots ─ the first of its kind in Singapore

Type of set up


Individual Hot Pot - Boardroom Style


One person one pot.

We offer individual hot pot sets to individuals. From Electrical pot to soup base and condiments. We have it all packed up individually.

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Big Group Hot Pot - Round Table Style

Everyone share one big pot.

We offer a big group hot pot for gathering, small parties and team bonding sessions.

We provide most of the essential items from tables, portable gas stove to soup base and condiments.


Individual Hot Pot

1 pax


German Pork Belly Slice 猪五花刷片

Pork Shoulder Slice 梅花肉刷片

Chicken Slice 鸡肉刷片
Assorted Ball Box 丸子拼盘

Vegetable Platter 蔬菜拼盘

Full set of condiment 酱料

Soup base 汤底

Electrical Hot Pot 锅具

Utensil Set 餐具

Big Group Hot Pot

10 pax

Seabass Slice 金目鲈 x 200g

Prawn 鲜虾 x 300g

USA Short Ribs Slice 美利坚黑毛五花肉涮片 x 300g 

German Pork Belly Slice 德国猪五花涮片 x 300g

Beef Chuck Tender Slice 牛腿肉涮片 x 300g 

Chicken Legs Slice 鸡腿肉涮片 x 300g 

Taiwanese Pork and Mushroom Gong Wan 台湾猪肉香菇贡丸15pcs

Raddish 白萝卜 x 200g

Tau Pok 豆卜 x 12

King Oyster Mushroom 杏鲍菇 x 1 box

Black Fungus 黑木耳 x 200g

Enoki 金针菇 x 200g 

Cabbage 大白菜 x 300g

Beancurd roll 豆皮卷 x 12 pcs

Ramen 拉面 x 3 pcs

Instant noodle 方便面 x 3 pcs

Cheese Tofu 芝士豆腐 x 10pcs

Lobster Ball 龙虾丸子 x 10pcs

Seafood Sanwich Tofu 海鲜豆腐 x 10pcs

Fish Yuba 腐中鱼 x 10pcs

Shrimp paste 虾滑 x 150g

Quail Egg 鹌鹑蛋 x 15 pcs